Donor area feels very sensitive still, is it normal after the operation?

It’s normal. You can use Aloe Vera for donor area to relieve.

Now that a lot of the scabs are off in the transplant area, it is very itchy, can I put Aloe Vera on this area?

You can use Saline solution for transplanted area, every 2 hours and 5-6 times a day. Don’t massage, don’t tap please. Itching will be relieved because it moisturizes the transplanted area and scalp. Aloe vera is only for donor area.

How often do I have to do the PRP treatment?

We recommend you to do the treatment every 2/3 months for the first postoperative year, once every 6 months after the first year is over.

Until when do I have to use the foam?

You have to use the foam until the rough crusts are gone.

For how long I should take the vitamins and minoxidil?

It will take to get your final result for about +1 year.

We recommend take the vitamins, use minoxidil and have PRP sessions till you get your final result.

If you wish after the first year you can keep taking the vitamins as well. Regarding Minoxidil, it is observed once you stop using it all of a sudden, you lose the positive effect that the minoxidil had on your hair so my recommendation reduce the dosage of minoxidil you have by the time and then stop it. In that way it is less likely that your body will react. PRP sessions also can be done for different purposes, in general it is good for health so you can get it done anytime you wish after the 1st year as well.

When can I do dermaroller?

Dermaroller can be done 8 months after the operation. Also you can apply with hair cocktail to your hair.

When can I put headphones (music) on my head?

You can put headphones after the end of the first 30 days.

When can I go outside without covering with a cap?

You can go out without cap after the end of the first 30 days.

I seem to have a lot of dandruff on my scalp is this normal?

It’s normal, for dandruff please start to use nizoral shampoo 2-3 times a week

When can I start PRP sessions after hair transplant?

You can start PRP sessions after 3rd month of your operation.

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