How soon can I resume normal activities after the transplant?

You can generally resume most normal activities, such as work and light exercise, within a few days after the procedure. However, you should avoid heavy exercise and strenuous activity for at least two weeks after the transplant to allow the scalp to heal.

Is it normal that my hair fall while washing my head 10 days after an operation?

In the first 3 months you may have shedding and hair loss but please do not worry. 3 months after the operation your permanent hair will start to grow.

Why cannot I sleep as I used to do during the first 1 week after an operation.

During the first week we recommend you sleep with a neck pillow and always lay on your back to avoid swelling.

Hi, I have scanty hair in the transplant area. How do I keep them straight? Can I use Gel or a hair dryer?

Unfortunately you are not allowed the use anything like gel cream oil or dryer on the transplanted area before the 6th month.

When can I wear my ordinary hat again after hair transplant?

You are allowed to wear a large baseball hat on the 15th day.

Today is been 11 days since the surgery and. Still feels numb in the top front of my head.

It is normal, since the anesthesia effect is getting low.

From when can I expose my hair to sun after hair transplant?

During the first month of the operation, you must protect your head from rain and sun.

When can I climb mountains and rocks after the operation?

It is recommended to start such heavy sports 2 months after the operation.

When do the hair removal scars from the donor go away?

To prevent these scars, you should use Aloe vera gel for 1 month after the operation. but the passing of the scars differs from person to person,
In skin types with scars, there is no situation that changes this during the operation, scars are formed again in any operation. Aloe vera gel is recommended only to reduce it, and with liquid hair nourishing serums, the hair around the scar can grow and cover that part.

When can I go to the hammam or the swimming pool after hair transplant?

It is okay after the first month.

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