DR.EMRAH CINIK is considered as one of the most renowned and experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. His Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Clinic has been in business over 15 years treating patients from all around the world with its highly experienced medical staff performing 1500 hair transplants (FUE, DHI).

DR.CINIK’s reputation has become global in the area of hair transplant and hair eastethics. With the aim of supporting hair and scalp care, with safer, natural and holistic solutions, which is very critical, especially after the hair transplant surgeries, the clinic formulated hair care products for their patients, that are free from parabens and sulfates; gentle and supportive to the hair and scalp.

Our dedication to hair health, consistency, and scientific research has resulted in CINIK Plus Hair Vitamins and CINIK Advanced Hair Care Series of unrivaled excellence. All our products are produced according to the ISO and GMP standards, approved and registered locally and globally.

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